The Christian Dior brand is one of the most famous French fashion brands in the world.

The prestigious couture house Dior stands for dreamy evening dresses and inspired collections, both classy and cutting edge Parisian Chic at the same time.  In addition to haute couture, Dior offers upscale ready-to-wear clothing for women, a men’s line and children’s collections. In addition, it offers luxury leather goods, shoes, accessories, perfumes and cosmetics.  The first fashion collection presented by Dior in February of 1947 was already a great success and was celebrated by American journalists as the New Look.  It was only two years after the end of the Second World War when Europe was largely in ruins, but people longed for beauty and luxury after all the misery.  It is the Dior House which can claim responsibility for making Paris the fashion capital of the world.  And a little of this flair was graced upon the Redoute in 1952 when Christian Dior came to organize a haute couture fashion show.  He had been invited by Mime Poncet, one of his clients and wife of the then High Commissioner of France.

Die La Redoute in Bonn diente schon in den 50er Jahren als Veranstaltungsort für die Luxusmarke Dior aus Paris.

La Redoute served as a venue for the luxury brand Dior already in the 1950s.

The Parisian fashion house honored this occasion by coming back to the Redoute in 2013 for an event lasting several days.

Eine wunderschöne Parfümflasche aus Blumen von Dior ausgestellt im Gartensaal der La Redoute in Bon Bad Godesberg.

Dior displayed a beautiful perfume bottle constructed of flowers in the Garden Ballroom of La Redoute in Bonn-Bad Godesberg.

Like the Dior brand, La Redoute in Bonn stands for stylish elegance. Beauty and luxury are also important to us.

Gala dinners and elegant fashion shows, stylish receptions and avant-garde catwalks.

La Redoute offers rooms of different sizes and decor for your special occasion.  Our ballrooms and salons offer plenty of space and a festive atmosphere.

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