This glossary is intended to answer your questions and help you with key words.  If you don’t find what you are looking for, we are at your disposal by e-mail, telephone or per chat at any time. 

Do you have an idea for a missing key word?  Please write to us at:


Are always welcome!  We will gladly provide you with a resting room for breastfeeding and /or sleeping; also see child care.

You are permitted to release balloons but please note that there are some official regulations with restrictions.

Of course we can provide you with lovely chairs but on some special occasions, they can be made to look even more festive with slip covers.  We have white slip covers but can also offer a “special look” with two different fabrics in perfectly matched tones of gold.

If you would like to have child care for your children or those of your guests, this is no problem at all.  We are happy to recommend a professional provider.  Please note:  For children up to 6-years-old, we provide high-chairs and meals free of charge.  For older children, please ask us about the reduced rate.

On the ground floor of the Redoute, we have a large coat check area.  For smaller parties, we offer a mobile coat check convenient for your guests.  Of course, we are happy to help with the coat check by also providing personnel on request. 

You will always have your own personal contact with us and we try to make sure that this is the same person from the very beginning right through until the event is over.  If this is not possible, we can ensure you that the details are accessible to other colleagues who can help you.

If you need, we can provide a dressing room for performers at your event.  Of course, we can also provide catering for them if you wish.

We do have an elevator at your disposal.  Guests with physical limitations can easily get to the first floor (see handicapped restrooms).

We also have a hidden elevator in the floor of the Beethoven Room, so we can make a smooth transition, for example from a lecture hall type set-up into a festival dinner setting while you and your guests have an aperitif on the terrace.

Of course you can have fireworks if you wish.  We would be happy to recommend to you an experienced fireworks operator who can discuss your wishes with you and take care of the details.

If you wish to throw flower pedals at your wedding, please coordinate this with us.  Some can cause discoloration to the flooring, which of course needs to be avoided.

A description of how to get here can be found on our website.  If you are coming by car with a navigation system, enter “Am Kurpark 5” in Bonn.  There, you will find a gate that will open for you automatically.  You can park directly at Redoute free of charge.  Your contact person will give you a coin to open the gate when leaving.

The location in the park is of course perfect for grilling or barbecuing.  Let us know if you would like us to grill for you.

In the course of modernization, we have created a handicapped restroom on the first floor.  This is barrier free, and accessed via elevator.  If you have any questions at all, we would be happy to assist.

We are happy to provide menus for your guests.  These are included in some of our packages, otherwise we charge a small fee for them.

We have up to 25 parking spaces directly at the building. Additionally, it is possible to book the parking lot adjacent (up to 120 spots).  For that, the City of Bonn charges a small fee.

Ideal for an outdoor wedding, a summer meal on the terrace or as a shade provider.  Our pavilions are both purposeful and attractive.

Do you need a high voltage current for your technical equipment?  Thanks to the numerous state receptions that have been held here, we have a high voltage power supply that meets the requirements for television productions.  In the Beethoven Ballroom alone, three outlets with 440 Volt/ 63A are available.  In the Garden Ballroom, there are two connections.  These are reachable through ground docking stations, and the rooms can also be hooked up to each other.  Contact us for more details.

We would be happy to advise you on a table setting and arrangement that will be the ideal solution for you.

Please note that we do not allow rice to be thrown in the air for the bridal couple.  Because of the flooring, it cannot easily be swept up and attracts unwanted pests.  Flower pedals are an alternative.

You are welcome here to plan your own personal wedding ceremony as you would like to have it, with your own vows and arrangements.  This is also possible on the roof terrace or the garden terrace. 

You can also coordinate with us to bring in a justice of the peace or designated official who is authorized to perform your wedding ceremony.  This is not only more festive, but also more relaxed for you and your guests.  For a civil ceremony, we coordinate with the City of Bonn to give you the date you prefer, but you must first contact the correct city office.  We are happy to advise you on that.

Of course we have a fast, free and comprehensive WLAN.  Our networks offer 100Mbit/s for downloads and 10Mbit/s for uploads. 

You want a separate network for presenters or VIPs?  This is quick and easy to adjust, just contact us.

Do you need more event space with an overhead covering?  We would be happy to organize a tent for you, for example as an extra structure on the garden terrace.

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